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“A brilliant effort...extremely well done.” Rush Limbaugh

Peter Schweizer | Executive Producer

Peter Schweizer is also author of the best-selling book Reagan’s War, upon which the film In the Face of Evil is based.  Mr. Schweizer is a prolific author in the area of political affairs and national security.  His works include The Fall of the Wall; Victory; and The Next War, coauthored with Caspar Weinberger; his latest, The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty, was co-authored with his wife, Rochelle Schweizer.  His books have been translated into eleven languages.

His work has also been published in Foreign Affairs, the New York Times, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, Defense Nationale (France), National Review, International Herald-Tribune, and ORBIS: A Journal of World Affairs. Mr. Schweizer was an on-air commentator for CNBC during President Reagan’s funeral ceremonies.

Mr. Schweizer is currently a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institute.  He received his  Masters in Philosophy and International relations from Oxford University and his B.A. from George Washington University.